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How To Help The Cat Sanctuary

Give as you Live

One of the easiest ways to help raise money for the sanctuary is to install the Give as you Live plug-in on your browser. With this in place, everytime you shop on Amazon, John Lewis and most other online stores, the Sanctuary (if it is your chosen charity) will receive a small percentage. It costs you nothing and is so simple to use. Install it now and start helping the Sanctuary next time you shop.

Donations & Sponsorship

You can now help look after the moggies at the Sanctuary by making an online donation - either as a one-off donation or as monthly subscription - via our Charity Checkout page: https://www.charitycheckout.co.uk/1025009/Donate

If you're not comfortable donating online, donations can also be made by cheque or cash. To sponsor a cat or make a regular donation, please download our Sponsorship/Donation Form (PDF) and return to it to your bank. The gift aid form needs to be given to Mrs Harris in person or in the post. You money will go a long way to making a better life for this cats.

Scratching Post & Toy Appeal

The scratching posts and toys at the sanctuary are becoming very worn, some are going to have to be thrown out. They are important to help keep the moggies entertained and comfortable. We would very much appreciate any second hand scratch posts or toys that you might be thinking of replacing, or that your cats might have become bored of. Your cats trash, is our treasure!! Contact sanctuary volunteer Emma Sutton via the contact form to arrange for a donation of items or for collection of items if required.

Jumble Sales

The sanctuary has many jumble sales throughout the year, so donations of good quality jumble is always appreciated. Keep an eye on our facebook page for announcements of forthcoming events. The sanctuary can make a small amount of money from recycling old and unwanted items such as: old clothes, materials and textiles, books and shoes. We would also be very grateful for donations of plastic containers with lids to box-up our jumble sale items - our boxes are looking a little sorry for themselves.

Food & Bedding Donations

Any donations of cat food, cat litter or cat bedding (including any unwanted, clean blankets, towels and cushions) are extremely useful. So if you have a cupboard full of blankets that you don't use, why not free-up that space and help make a cosy home for our lonely cats?

Amazon Wishlist

If you're feeling especially generous, we do also have a wishlist on Amazon for items that our little cats would love to have. You view and buy from this list here:


We currently have a sufficient number of volunteers helping us at the sanctuary and so are unable to accept any other offers at the moment. However, we desperately need help at our jumble sales and at fundraising events. Please contact Mrs Harris at the Sanctuary (01509 263357) for more information on how to help out at these events.


We require fosterers to care for some of our shy cats. With extra care and attention these ex-strays can become loving pets. Fosterers would need to have a quiet home and have experience in caring for animals, preferably without young children or dogs. The Sanctuary would provide all bedding, food, litter and flea treatment required and would cover any necessary vet bills. Cats would then be rehomed from the foster home location. If you feel that you could help out by fostering a shy cat, then please contact Mrs Harris at the Sanctuary on 01509 263357 to enquire or for more details.

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How to Help

How to help

Please donate food, blankets, rags or money!

The sanctuary has many jumble sales throughout the year, so donations of good quality jumble is always appreciated.

How to Help

News and Events

Cake Stalls and Jumble Sales

We're always throwing events to help raise much needed funds for the sanctuary. Keep an eye on our news section for details of the next event.

How to Help

Meet the Residents

Please rescue, dont buy

Sadly, new cats are being brought into the sanctuary everyday. To see the latest furry editions at the sanctuary, check-out the cats' profile pages.

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