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Kitsi Kitsi Kitsi

Kitsi is an un-neutered male tabby kitten. He is approximately 18 weeks old. He came to the Sanctuary with his mother and siblings who are still at the Sanctuary. Unfortunately the kittens were not handled until very recently and so are very timid. Kitsi was taken on by one of our foster homes and has settled down well. He will now settle on a lap and play, however he is still very shy of strangers. Kitsi is ready for his forever home, but as he is still timid this must be a quiet and patient home. He is not suitable for a home where there are small children or other animals. He must be kept inside until he is neutered and for a period of time afterwards so that he can settle into a new routine. He is a beautiful little cat and his foster carers have really enjoyed having him with them. Please contact Mrs Harris at the Sanctuary on 01509 263357 to arrange a viewing with the foster carers.

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How to help

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How to Help

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