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Rescue - Dont' Buy

Please don't buy cats and kittens from pet shops and breeders - this encourages the over-supply of cats, many of which end-up homeless.

There are so many cats and kittens desperately looking for new homes. Some of our cats are not featured on the website as they are camera shy so if you're looking to buy, rescue or adopt a cat or kitten for your home, please, make an appointment and come and meet the lovely cats at the Loughborough Cat Sanctuary - you won't be disappointed.

BillyBilly Billy
Billy is a short haired, black neutered male. He came to the Sanctuary after he was abandoned by his owners after they moved house. He was also intact and so the Sanctuary have taken him to be neut... view »

CleoCleo Cleo
Cleo is a short haired, neutered, tortoiseshell female. She is approximately 4 years old and in good health. She came to the Sanctuary under strange circumstances view »

Our Latest Residents

Cleo Cleo

Available for Re-homing

Billy Billy

Available for Re-homing

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How to Help

How to help

Please donate food, blankets, rags or money!

The sanctuary has many jumble sales throughout the year, so donations of good quality jumble is always appreciated.

How to Help

News and Events

Cake Stalls and Jumble Sales

We're always throwing events to help raise much needed funds for the sanctuary. Keep an eye on our news section for details of the next event.

How to Help

Meet the Residents

Please rescue, dont buy

Sadly, new cats are being brought into the sanctuary everyday. To see the latest furry editions at the sanctuary, check-out the cats' profile pages.

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