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Loughborough Cat Sanctuary

It is with a very heavy heart that I must announce the forthcoming closure of the Loughborough Cat Sanctuary. Mrs Harris no longer feels able to continue her work there and we don't have enough funds to buy new premises for the Sanctuary to operate from. The Sanctuary can no longer take-in any cats but will continue to operate in the hope that we can find new homes for those cats that are still there.

If by any chance anybody out there has some spare land that they would allow us to build new pens on, then please get in touch. We would love to continue our work and lack of "land" is really the only thing holding us back. Many thanks for all your continued support.

Please rescue, don't buy!

There are literally thousands of cats and kittens being taken-in at shelters such as ours every year throughout the UK. Unfortunately the number of these homeless cats far out-weighs the supply of good, loving homes. Whilst people continue to buy from pet-shops and profit-orientated breeders, this situation continues to get worse and many cats can spend the rest of their lives in sanctuaries and shelters. Although these rescue centres do everything they can to care for the poor little kitties, their pens are no substitute for a real home of their own. You can help by adopting your cat or kitten from an animal rescue centre or animal shelter like the Loughborough Cat Sanctuary - or by neutering your cat at six months to prevent any unwanted litters. Every cat deserves a home!

Some Extra Patience and Love Required...

There are a number of semi-feral cats at the sanctuary at the moment. These cats have often been abandoned at some point and left to fend for themselves in the wild. They are no less worthy of a loving home and certainly no less of a pet... but they may require just that little bit of extra patience and love whilst they adjust again. Come and meet these lovely cats. If you have the time and patience to give them a second chance, they will provide you with love and enjoyment in return.

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Our Latest Residents

Pluto Pluto

Available for Re-homing

Frankie And Patches Frankie And Patches

Available for Re-homing

Black Cats Black Cats

Available for Re-homing

Black & White Cats Black & White Cats

Available for Re-homing

Butch Butch

Available for Re-homing

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How to Help

How to help

Please donate food, blankets, rags or money!

The sanctuary has many jumble sales throughout the year, so donations of good quality jumble is always appreciated.

How to Help

News and Events

Cake Stalls and Jumble Sales

We're always throwing events to help raise much needed funds for the sanctuary. Keep an eye on our news section for details of the next event.

How to Help

Meet the Residents

Please rescue, dont buy

Sadly, new cats are being brought into the sanctuary everyday. To see the latest furry editions at the sanctuary, check-out the cats' profile pages.

Recently Rehomed

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  • Mitzy
  • Sophia
  • Totti
  • Bonnie
  • Bear
  • Teddy
  • Tigger
  • Sooty
  • Thomas
  • Jess
  • Trudi
  • Pippa
  • Narla
  • Sasha
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